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5 Steps To Creating The Ideal Environment For Delivery

Birth Environment At the Hospital

The Right Birth Environment For Delivery

Midwives and doulas are experts in creating the ideal environment for giving birth for expectant mothers. It’s typically the father’s job to get everything set up while midwife prepares for the task ahead. She will need to guide her client on her journey through labor and delivery.

Midwives strongly promote a peaceful environment, because it will help bring about two essential hormones.

One of these is oxytocin, “the cuddle hormone.” This is the hormone necessary to bring on labor. Endorphins are the “happy hormones” released during pain, to insulate the brain from its effects.

It may sound strange, but a woman who can focus on her pain will be at an advantage during delivery. She will get the better endorphin release than someone who is distracted.

Modern doulas typically recommend partly assembling the birth environment near the due date for the baby’s arrival.

Before the pregnant mother has gone into labor, plenty can be done to prepare. The ideal birth environment should be warm, private, quiet, dimly-lit, and sanitary according to most midwives.

Creating A Superb Birth Environment

Room Temperature

The birth environment needs to be warm. Some doulas will recommend their clients to try a waterbirth. The baby has been spending its time in a gentle, warm, and wet environment. This technique lets the kid make a smooth entrance into the world without environmental shock.

The thing about this method is overseeing temperature control. The water requires to be pretty warm, but should not feel like a hot tub or sauna. Those in the room with the mother should frequently be checking on her level of comfort. Portable air conditioners can be extremely beneficial in creating the right atmosphere for the mother’s labor.

Giving birth is hard work, and it can be easy to get overheated in a warm tub.

Portable air conditioners can be on standby to cool or warm the room, as needed.

If she looks as though she is getting too warm, the portable air conditioners can be switched on until she cools down.

I prefer to use a portable air conditioner with a heat exchanger, so you can warm or cool the room as needed. Check out CoolAndPortable for a list of affordable portable AC units that include heat exhangers.


Privacy At Birth Environment

All the blinds and curtains should be closed. The only people present should be the birthing team and the father. Too many individuals in the room can be chaos at a time that is already unnerving. Phones should be turned off, and updates to family members should be kept to a minimum. This is a special bonding time for the couple and their new creation. If loved ones are pressuring the couple for updates, they need to ask for more privacy.


Quiet Birth Environment

Another good reason to switch off the cell phone is to keep the birth environment quiet. The mother needs to focus on delivering, and the entire birthing team needs to be distraction free. The mother will also appreciate less unnecessary talking during this time.


Keeping the birth environment relatively dark will increase the feeling of peacefulness in the room. Having candles nearby can also make it feel more romantic. And subconsciousness stimulates the production of oxytocin. Night lights and dimmer switches are other alternatives to getting just the right amount of light. Candles scented with lavender or eucalyptus have been shown to have a relaxing effect on women.


Sensitization In Birth Environment

Sanitization is one of the most important things that should already be taken care of before the mother goes into labor.

The tub should already be cleaned with a natural disinfectant and free of germs and mildew. Vinegar is a great natural cleaning agent for that. The floors surrounding the tub should be cleaned using mops and vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are better than brooms, because sweeping alone will leave behind more dust particles. Vacuum cleaners will suck up any debris that could end up in the air. Dust particles could aggravate the mother’s lungs during her breathing exercises. That’s why having the floors sanitary is a must.

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