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About Us

pregnancy2 site focuses on the pregnant woman and their difficulties during pregnancy. In this website, precise guidance is given starting from conceiving to the delivery.
There are mainly three types of assistance we are providing on our websites such as Midwives, Birth Environment and Tests for the pregnant women. It helps to provide proper guidance for pregnancy that every woman needs to know.

Midwifing is different Birth technique other than delivery in the Hospital. Midwives are experts in female health care and can help deliver a baby with their qualifications. There are few of the Maya practices that women can get benefit from. These midwife techniques can keep women feeling more healthy and comfortable during and after pregnancy.

Birth Environment should be taken into consideration because it may affect both mother and new born’s health. Sanitization, Privacy, Quiet, Proper light and suitable temperature are necessary requirements to be considered for the birth environment.

It is also important to follow your physicians recommended tests before, during, and after the pregnancy. All these required tests for woman are well defined under “Tests For Pregnant Woman.”