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Babies Screening Test

Baby’s First Day Of Life Is A Busy Screening Test Day!

Newborn screening tests are a state public health service program available to all 4 million American babies each year. It helps ensure that all babies are tested for severe conditions at birth. Then, doctors can start treatment for those with severe illnesses before any of the adverse effects occur.

The newborn screening takes place soon after your baby is born and, in most cases, while you are still at the hospital. It takes only a few drops of blood and a simple hearing test.… Read More


Midwives Do Not Get The Recognition They Deserve!

What’s Midwifery?

Midwifery is proficient, educated, and compassionate care for childbearing women, newborn babies, and families throughout the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and the early weeks of life.

Core characteristics include optimizing normal biological, emotional, social, and cultural processes of reproduction and early life; timely prevention and management of complexities; consultation with and referral to other services; respect to women’s individual conditions and perspectives. And working in partnership with to reinforce women’s own capacities to care for themselves and their families.… Read More

How To improve Your hospital Birth Environment

Tips For Improving Your Hospital Birth Environment

Your hospital birth environment can impact your experience of labor and birth. The perfect labor environment is one in which you feel secure, have access to pain relief, have privacy, and feel safe and well supported.

If you are like more than 90% of women who have decided on the hospital for labor and delivery and thought you would be giving up a natural childbirth environment, continue reading! It turns out, and you can get the security and experience found in a hospital setting and the choices and conveniences you may find in home birth. How do you say?Read More

testing pregnant women

Testing Pregnant Women For Covid-19 Upon Entering Hospital

In the past weeks, Covid-19 has swiftly spread throughout New York City. It is important to test all pregnant women for coronavirus and it should be mandatory upon entering the hospital. The obstetrical population gives a unique challenge during this outbreak since these patients have several interactions with health care specialists.

Eventually, most are admitted to the hospital for delivery. There was a case of Covid-19 on March 13, 2020, in an obstetrical patient. The hospital in NYC reported our first experience with Covid-19 in pregnant lady, including two initially asymptomatic women in whom symptoms appeared and who tested positive … Read More

Benefits of Using A Midwife

Benefits Of Using A Midwife During Your Pregnancy

Midwives have been here for ages, and in the past, it was standard practice for midwives to help with the pregnancy and birthing process. Although now, over 90% of women choose an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) through pregnancy and at birth, some might choose the mom-centered care that includes getting a midwife.

So when is accepting a midwife a good option, and is it something you should consider? If you’re considering hiring a midwife, this guide can help you decide.

What’s A Midwife And What Does A Midwife Do?

Midwives offer pre- and postnatal care to pregnant mothers in addition to performing … Read More

water birthing is option to deliver your baby

Have You Heard About Water Birthing?

Your environment establishes the tone for your birth experience. From home to hospital, each birth environment has challenges and advantages worth exploring.

Today, most women in America give birth in hospitals. However, this isn’t the only option available: ladies also provide delivery in free birth centers, hospital birth facilities, or in their own homes.

Be aware that some physicians use the term “birth center” to refer to their normal labor & delivery floor. The American Association of Birth Centers describes a birth center as a home-like environment where health experts, normally midwives, offer family-centered treatment and care to healthy pregnant … Read More

pregnancy screening tests

Listing Of Pregnancy Screening Tests Recommended By Doctors

Your doctor may recommend many screenings, tests, and imaging techniques throughout your pregnancy. These pregnancy screening tests are intended to offer information regarding the health of your baby and might help you maximize your child’s health care and development.  Often before any of these other tests start,  the very first tests they may request is a standard HIV or STD tests. If an expectant mother has an STD it may affect her health, the baby health, or the medical staff may need to protect themselves.

General Pregnancy Screening Tests

  • Genetic screening can help diagnose the possibility of specific
Read More
pregnant mom, midwives

New Trends Using A Midwife For Baby Delivery

A midwife is a person who is trained to assist women in all aspects of pregnancy starting from prenatal care to baby delivery. The job of a midwife does not necessarily end with pregnancy, but it extends to baby care for some days.

Midwives offer you first class services that can improve your mental and physical conditions during pregnancy. They also provide services that include gynecological examinations, prescriptions, contraceptive counseling as well as birthing care. For any issue related to pregnancy, a midwife can offer you the much-needed support.

However, the services offered by the midwives depend on their level … Read More

baby delivered by stork

Birth Center – New Delivery Option For Mama And Baby

We all know the old legend of a stork that comes to deliver the baby. Well, if it only where that easy.  Nowadays many decisions and planning go into delivering a healthy happy baby. Many women love the idea of a home birth and have the baby naturally. Ones home is the ideal situation for those that want a natural, familiar surrounding, comfortable experience, cheaper financially.

The family can bring in a midwife, set up the home as desired, and ensure that their child enters the world precisely where they need to be. In some cases, this could be … Read More

Tests For Pregnant Woman

STD Tests For Pregnant Women Are Critical In Prenatal Care

Many first-time moms are already aware of pregnant women’s routine health tests. Common ones include health screenings to check for genetic abnormalities and complications. Other tests for pregnant women checking for developmental issues using ultrasounds are also well-known.

What sometimes can go overlooked is the need for STD tests.

This article will discuss STD tests available to women during pregnancy, or any time there is cause for concern. Many sexually transmitted diseases and infections can affect the health of the mother and baby.

Doctors are now stressing the importance of having STD tests performed while pregnant.… Read More

Genetic Testing and Screening

Genetic Testing And Screening Options During Pregnancy

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, there are over 3.9 million births every year in the nation. While a majority of these babies are born healthy, there are those who are born with congenital disabilities.

According to the CDC, at least 1 in every 33 babies born in the nation is born with a congenital disability or birth defect. Many of these defects can arise at any time during the pregnancy with most of them occurring in the first trimester. Further, many of these congenital disabilities are genetic meaning that they result from … Read More

Birth Environment

Top 5 Current Trends in Birth Environments

Most experts recommend vaginal births for women with low-risk pregnancies.  And indeed research shows that vaginal births may have a positive impact on a child’s health and particularly in developing the child’s immune system. In cases of high-risk pregnancies, however, cesarean sections (c-sections) can have life-saving results.

The World Health Organization recommends a c-section rate of between 10% and 15%. According to WHO, there is limited evidence showing that c-section rates above 15% have positive birth outcomes.

Various surveys indicate that cesarean section (c-section) rates in the United States have risen drastically over the years. In 1965 for example, the … Read More

Midwifing Resourses

Resources For Want-To-Be Midwives

Midwife Resources

This is an informative article for women interested in or already having midwifery as a career. Included in here are some tips on how to improve their career search.

What Is It Like Being a Midwife

Midwifing Learning

Midwives have a unique job of managing the healthcare of women. Their techniques are often very holistic in approach. This means they not only focus on a client’s physical well-being, but also on their mental and emotional needs.

Most midwives have an educational background in childbirth and pregnancy assistance, but that is not always the case. Depending on their certifications … Read More

Birth Environment

8 Steps to Creating The Perfect Home Birth Environment

Home Birth Preparations

Pregnant women are often told about the benefits of a home birth environment. Knowing where to begin can be confusing. Here is what ladies need to know if they are interested in a natural home birth experience. Included are eight steps to simplify the process:

1. Do Your Research

Although home birthing today is safer than ever, it isn’t right for everyone. Higher risk pregnancy may be a reason a woman might opt for a hospital birth. A good candidate for home delivery is typically healthy, under age 35  and  carrying only one child.

If a … Read More